What Items Can You Buy at a CosmoProf Beauty Supply Store?

CosmoProf beauty supply stores provide licensed hairdressers and cosmetologists with a variety of products and equipment for use in salons, spas and homes. They generally carry salon-brand hair-care, body-care and nail-care appliances, as well as make-up products.

Equipment that is available for purchase at CosmoProf locations includes salon chairs in a variety of colors and designs, dryers equipped with specific settings, trolleys in varying sizes, trays and carts, shampoo stations, cabinetry and mirrors, manicure and pedicure stations, baths and massage tables.

CosmoProf stocks their shelves with high-quality salon brands that are discounted to licensed professionals working in the beauty industry. Brands range from store to store, and packaging is available in a variety of sizes. Some brands include Redken, AG, Paul Mitchell, OPI Nail Laquer, CHI, JCrew and more.

Hair-care products include shampoo, conditioners, leave-in products, styling products and accessories, combs and brushes, and produce used in salons such as scissors, clippers, curling irons, dryers and capes. CosmoProf stores also carry product necessary to complete hair colouring and highlights, perms and straightening processes. Body-care products include lotions, waxing supplies, facial products, bath products and tools such as brushes and sponges.

Cleaning supplies needed to disinfect equipment are also sold at CosmoProf locations. Some locations offer training on the use of new products, as well as educational materials in the form of brochures, pamplets and online courses.