What Are Some Italian Tattoo Ideas?

What Are Some Italian Tattoo Ideas?

StyleCraze notes there are many great ideas for tattoos written in Italian, including "seguire il vostro cuore" with a heart tattooed at the end of the phrase. The quote translates to "follow your heart," and it is great for romantically-inclined individuals. Another powerful Italian quote to serve as a tattoo is "vivere liberamente," which translates to "live free." It is well-suited for rebellious and thoughtful individuals.

An equally simple and powerful Italian word for a tattoo is "speranza," which translates into "hope." For added nationalism, add a heart at the end of the word that is colored like the Italian flag.

A more complex Italian phrase for a tattoo is "la miglior vendetta e vivere bene," which means that the best way to get revenge on someone is to live a good life. This tattoo can inspire hope in those who have experienced painful events in their lives.

A more romantic Italian phrase for a tattoo is "sempre net mio cuore," which means that someone is forever in the tattooed person's heart. A good visual addition to this tattoo is the line of a pulse, indicating the beating of a heart.

A good tattoo for sisters is the Italian word "sorella," which means "sister." For visual flair, the word can be encompassed inside the symbol for infinity.