What Are Some Italian Shoe Brands?

There are many brands of designer Italian footwear, among them boutique brands associated with high fashion like Maison Schiaparelli, Alberto Fermani and Bruno Magli, as well as many other notable designers. These designers produce a huge range of fashionable footwear, creating new styles with each fashion season and designing personally for fashion publications and sometimes for notable individuals willing to pay design fees.

Maison Schiaparelli is an Italian design house dating back to the 1920s. It is primarily known for its extensive work in dress design between the 1920s and the 1950s and has experienced a resurgence in popularity since 2006. The house is also known for its elegant, understated footwear.

Alberto Fermani is a fashion house dedicated largely to footwear and some accessories. It makes sandals, ankle boots, evening shoes and other pieces in seasonal lines which are available in a catalog through the Alberto Fermani website. Their footwear is also sold through boutiques and shops of all sorts.

Bruno Magli is a family-owned Italian business which started out as a small design house and has grown into an influential voice in footwear around the world. It is an established presence on the runway circuit and is a very popular brand among celebrities and other members of the global elite.