How Do You Iron a Shirt?

iron-shirt Credit: Moodboard/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Iron a shirt by starting with the underside of the collar. Iron the back yoke, followed by the sleeves and the body of the shirt. Put the shirt on a hanger and hang straight with the sleeves folded softly toward the front.

  1. Prepare the shirt for ironing

    Spray linen or very wrinkled shirts lightly with water. Wrap the shirt in a towel for around five minutes to allow moisture to distribute evenly.

  2. Set the iron

    Add cool water to the iron’s reservoir. Plug in the iron and set the correct temperature for your fabric. Allow the iron to heat up before turning on the steam feature.

  3. Iron the shirt collar

    Unroll the damp shirt and place it on the ironing board, spreading the collar out with the underside facing up. Press the edges and work your way to the middle. Turn the collar over and repeat.

  4. Iron the back yoke

    Take the shirt and place the back yoke flat on the ironing board. The shirt should be pulled onto the tapered end of the board, with a little of the board extending into one sleeve. Press half the yoke, turn the shirt around and repeat.

  5. Iron the sleeves

    Iron one sleeve at a time. Flatten the cuff on the ironing board and iron. Place the sleeve flat on the iron board. Start at the top and work your way down to the cuff. Turn the sleeve over and repeat. Do the same on the other sleeve.

  6. Iron the body of the shirt

    Place the side with the button holes flat on the ironing board and iron. Rotate the shirt while ironing until you get to the front of the shirt. Start with the top section and then the rest of the front.