Who Invented Socks?

Socks were developed over time, and the earliest socks of the Stone Age were made of animal skins. The ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians made socks from animal fur and fabric for warmth and protection.

Ancient Greeks made socks out of matted animal fur, and Romans wrapped thick fabric or leather socks around their feet. Ancient Egyptians wore knitted socks. Socks were a symbol of wealth by 1,000 A.D. In the Middle Ages, it was customary to wrap colored cloth around the legs and secure it with garters on stockings. In the 15th century, printed socks of various lengths became popular and fashionable. William Lee invented the loom in 1589, and knitting socks became much easier. Socks began to be mass-produced in the 1900s with the introduction of circular knitting frames. Nylon was developed in 1938; along with spandex, polyester and cotton, it is commonly used to make socks.