Who Invented Skinny Jeans?


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No single person is credited for inventing slim-fit jeans, popularly known as skinny jeans. Its origins, however, can be traced back to the tight breeches worn by European men in the 1660s.

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Wearing skinny jeans may also have originated from the Macaronis, a British youth fashion movement from the mid-18th century, according to Sarah Niblock, a visual culture professor at Brunel University in London. She further adds that their fashion sense was meant to be subversive, hence the tight-fitting clothes.

The clothing line Earl Jean first offered slim, straight-legged jeans in 2001, and in her 2002 autumn/winter collection, designer Stella McCartney introduced trousers tightened by cuffs, zips and stirrups.

Islamist groups shunned wearing skinny jeans in the early- to mid-2010s, deeming them immodest, overtly sexual or even a sign of homosexuality in men.

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