What Are Some Interesting Facts About Cosmetology?

interesting-cosmetology Credit: COD Newsroom/CC-BY 2.0

An interesting fact about cosmetology is that the word comes from the Roman word "cosmetae," which referred to servants who applied cosmetic products and perfumes to wealthy Roman women. In fact, it's likely that the first cosmetic products were actually mud and urine.

People, in ancient times, would smear mud on their faces to protect their skin from the glare of the sun. Urine also was used as a way of covering the body's scent, when hunting prey.

Another interesting fact about cosmetology's history was that blond hair was very popular with the ancient Greeks, so they created a primitive form of dye that was composed of plant extracts and toxic arsenic. The recipe for black hair dye was similarly crude; leeches were fed, soaked in vinegar and fermented into a black paste that had to be left on the hair for a full day to get a darkening effect.

Beauty products over the span of history have led to numerous deaths. In the 1700s, belladonna eye drops were used to dilate the pupils, which was a trend of the times. Other women died from using ceruse face paint to give their skin a pale complexion. Ceruse was lead based and many women suffered from fatal poisoning.