What Are the Instructions for Using a Freestyle Watch?


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The instructions for using a Freestyle watch vary depending on which style of watch you have. In general, though, you pull out the crown on the side and turn it appropriately to set the time, date and day of the week.

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Some Freestyle watches also come with a chronograph feature, or a stopwatch. To use this feature, you press the S1 button to start timing and the S2 button to stop. Some styles of Freestyle watches also come with a backlight, which you operate either by pressing the backlight button or, if your watch doesn't have a backlight button, you can activate it by pressing the crown.

Before setting the time on your Freestyle watch, you must make sure that both the Chronograph Second and Minute hands are set to the 12-o'clock position. You do this by pulling out the crown, then pressing the S1 button to move the hands counter-clockwise or the S2 button to move the hands clockwise. Once they are both set at 12 o'clock, push the crown back into position A. Next, pull the crown out to the second click position C, turn the crown to set the watch hands to the correct time, and push the crown back to position A when you're done.

To set the date on your Freestyle watch, pull the crown out to first click at position B, and turn the crown clockwise until you reach the correct date. Then, push the crown back to position A.

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