How Do You Install Nose Studs?

How Do You Install Nose Studs?

It is best to go to a professional piercing studio to install a nose stud for the first time. Installing a nose stud involves picking a location for the piercing, choosing the nose stud and taking care of the wound caused by the nose piercing to allow it to heal.

  1. Pick a piercing studio

    To install a nose stud for the first time, choose a reputed piercing studio. Ensure that the staff is experienced and that they use good quality jewellery.

  2. Choose the type of piercing

    You have several options with regards to the location of the piercing. You can choose a nostril piercing on the right or left side of your nose or a piercing on the bridge of your nose.

  3. Select the nose stud

    A wide selection of nose studs are available. Select one in a precious metal or any other stud that catches your eye. Avoid cheap nose studs, as they may irritate your skin or may provoke a severe allergic reaction.

  4. Brace yourself

    The piercing causes a sharp, shooting pain at the moment of the piercing. A nose stud is installed at the time of the piercing. This stud must be left in place until the wound caused by the piercing heals.

  5. Perform aftercare

    The area of the piercing must be kept clean to avoid a skin infection. Use an antiseptic cream to eliminate bacteria and to accelerate the healing process.

  6. Allow it to heal

    Your nose piercing will start to heal in one week. It may take two months for the wound to heal completely. The nose stud can be changed when the wound has healed.