How Do You Install a Crochet Hair Weave?


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To install a crochet hair weave you need braiding hair of your choice and a latch hook. The first step is to braid the natural hair into cornrows

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The braiding pattern determines how the added weave will fall. The cornrows should lay flat and should not be too big.

Once this is done, open the latch hook and slide it underneath the beginning of one cornrow. Fold the weave to the desired length and loop it onto the hook.Close the hook securely, and slide the hair back underneath the cornrow.

Remove the hook and use to fingers to open the loop at the end of the weave. Pull the ends of the hair through the loop, twist the loop, and pull the ends through once again. Separate the ends into two, and tie them to secure the braid. Repeat this process until the entire head is completed.

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