What Inspires Personal Fashion?

Personal fashion is inspired by environment, media, peers and economics. Personal fashion is inspired by a variety of factors, and even if two individuals are exposed to the exact same environment it does not mean they will have similar personal styles.

A personal fashion style evolves from a feeling of comfort and joy. Whatever makes an individual feel good is usually what triggers a specific fashion style. A favorite color, a texture that reminds them of a good time in their life, or mimicking the style of someone they admire all contribute to the development of a personal fashion style.

Every individual has an inner persona that takes over when selecting clothes. A bright pink blouse may seem loud to one, while it screams to another to wear it with pride. Images from the media and clothing that peers wear often steer the direction of an individual's style.

When young, an individual may or may not have developed their own personal fashion style, as the parents impress their own styles onto the child. As the child grows older and continues on to school, they begin developing a style based on other kids in the school, so environment plays a large role in the process. Economics come into play when a fashion style and budget do not match; this creates a conflict and causes the individual to alter the style they really wanted for one they can afford.