How Do You Insert a Crochet Hair Weave?


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To insert a crochet weave, braid the natural hair so it is close to the scalp, and insert the hook under the desired braid. Place a loop of weave into the hook, close the hook, and pull the loop through the natural hair. Open the loop, place the end of the weave through the loop, and pull the end of the weave to tighten the loop around the section of braid. Continue using this process to cover the natural hair.

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When braiding the hair, place the braids in the desired pattern for the weave. For instance, place a swooping braid at the front of the head to form a base for a side part. Make the braids evenly-spaced and tight enough to withstand the weight of the weave. Cut the weave into manageable lengths before inserting it in the natural hair.

When pulling the weave through the natural hair, check the hook to ensure it is closed to prevent pulling the natural hair or tangling the weave. To pull the weave through the natural hair, slide the hook under the top of the braid, and work downward toward the base of the braid.

To make the weave the desired length, fold it into loops before inserting it in the natural hair. Keep the ends of the weave together for a shorter style, or separate the ends for longer hair.

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