How Do You Insert Clip-in Hair Extensions?

How Do You Insert Clip-in Hair Extensions?

Insert clip-in hair extensions by parting the hair into horizontal rows. Clip in the extensions along the part close to the scalp. Begin at the bottom of the hairline, working your way up until the desired fullness is achieved.

  1. Part the hair

    Use a tail comb to part the hair in a horizontal line close to the neckline. Gather the hair above the part in a clip to keep it out of the way.

  2. Place the first weft

    Choose a weft that is closest in width to the parted area. Open all the clips on the weft. Place the center clip against the hairline close to the part. Snap the clip on the hair. Make sure the hair is firmly caught in the weft. Continue to attach the remaining clips.

  3. Place the remaining wefts

    Release the hair above the weft. Create a new part within 1 inch of the first one. Clip the portion of hair above the part, and clip another weft in using the same procedure. Continue to part the hair and attach the wefts until the desired thickness is achieved.

  4. Blend the hair

    Release the hair, and use a brush, curling iron or flat iron to blend your hair with the clip-in extensions.