What Are the Ingredients for Dabur Amla Hair Oil?

The primary ingredients in Dabur Amla Hair Oil are mineral and vegetable oils, primarily the oil of amla, an Indian variety of gooseberry. The other ingredients depend upon the regulations of the specific market in which the product is sold, such as India, Europe and the United States.

To use Dabur Amla Hair Oil, the user should take about .2 ounces of the product, or more for longer hair, and rub it into the scalp, massaging for up to 17 minutes, and then applying more product, if necessary. This is said to relax the user, and can be done in the morning or the evening for maximum benefits. After applying the oil, the user should shampoo and condition as usual. The recommended frequency for the hair oil treatment is two to three times per week.

Amla is a natural source of vitamin E and is said to strengthen hair roots, nourish the scalp, and protect against dehydration. It is widely used in India for hair care, and it is said to protect against baldness and hair loss. It also helps to maintain hair color and improves the natural luster of hair. Carotene and iron in the Indian gooseberry have antioxidant properties, offering protection against free radicals in the environment.