What Are Some of the Ingredients in Cure Care Conditioner, and What Is Their Purpose?


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The main ingredients in Cure Care Hair and Skin Conditioner are water, which acts as a solvent, and cetyl alcohol, which functions as a surfactant and emollient, or soothing agent. Cetyl alcohol also acts as a mild detergent and an alternative to shampoo that does not leave behind residue or oils after rinsing. The product also contains cetrimonium bromide, which is an emulsifier and preservative that helps keep the ingredients blended.

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Other ingredients include hydrolyzed keratin, which acts as an anti-static and humectrant, or moisturizer, and methyl paraben and propyl paraben, which act as preservatives. Propyl paraben also functions as an antimicrobial agent and helps extend the shelf life of the product by inhibiting the growth of bacteria. The remaining ingredients are polymethoxy bicyclic oxazolidine, which functions as an antimicrobial agent, and citric acid that serves as a buffering agent and pH adjuster.

Studies published in 2014 link methyl paraben and propyl paraben to impaired functioning of the endocrine system by mimicking the effects of estrogen and thereby lowering the production of testosterone and other hormones. Cure Care is no longer available from retailers that once sold it, as of October 2015, but it is unclear whether these reports relate to the discontinuation.

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