What Are the Ingredients of ChapStick?


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Paraffin, lanolin, camphor and cetyl alcohol are some of the ingredients in a regular-flavored ChapStick. ChapStick refers to a lip balm manufactured by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. The product helps to protect the lips from sunburn and to treat or prevent chapped lips.

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Lip balms manufactured by Pfizer are usually contained in a tube, and are applied in the same way as other lipsticks. There are many variants of ChapStick, each with its own composition. However, all variants of ChapStick contain vitamin E, phenol, lanolin and camphor among other core ingredients.

Camphor is a white, waxy substance extracted from the wood of the camphor tree. It has a strong aromatic odor and acts as an antimicrobial substance. Lanolin is a waxy yellow substance mostly found in wool-bearing animals such as sheep. Lanolin is used as a personal care product to reduce signs and symptoms of scaling and dryness, abrasions and cracks and pain in the skin.

Paraffin wax is a white odorless soft solid derived from petroleum. It is used in many cosmetic products, such as Vaseline, to improve the quality and appearance of the skin. Cetyl alcohol is a white waxy solid at room temperature. It acts as a moisturizing and thickening agent.

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