What Information Do You Need to Put on an Identification Plate?

What Information Do You Need to Put on an Identification Plate?

The information required for an identification (ID) plate varies, depending on the type of plate. For example, when designing an identification plate for a tool or machine, include information such as the machine model number, serial number and machine type. Electrical equipment should also have the main voltage and full load amps on the identification plate.

Tools and equipment such as forklifts have identification plates that list the machine's weight and how much cargo it can safely carry. Many other machine types have identification plates to help identify whether the machine is turned off or on. Machines that use compressed or pressurized air should list the air pressure in psi.

Sometimes the identification plate on equipment lists nothing but the manufacturer and the date of manufacture, along with the company's website or other contact information.

Identification plates can help to alert employees to specific safety precautions or even deter theft. In the event of a theft, ID plates can help with filing a claim with the insurance company.

Companies that lease their property to other companies often use identification plates to signify the true owner of the machinery or equipment. In this case, list the owner's name and the name of the company leasing the equipment.