What Information Is Listed on Gold Market Charts?

As of 2015, many gold charts list the price of gold per ounce in U.S. dollars and indicate the span of time the charts cover with marks for hours, days, weeks or years. Many charts also have a spot price, the current price at the time users request the information and may display this information in a financial candlestick style or as a line chart showing trends in the market.

Gold charts may span any period of time. Daily charts give the price over the last 24 hours, and those looking to sell gold jewelry or other items may wish to use weekly or even monthly charts to try to predict the best time to sell. The current price may vary dramatically throughout the time depicted on a chart, and investors may choose charts that have candlestick graphs instead of standard line graphs to help them make informed purchasing or selling decisions.

The spot price on many gold charts may vary slightly due to page loading times or lag in updating. Many gold buyers rely on this information when purchasing from private sellers or selling to investors. Other information that may appear on gold charts includes the names and current rates at various exchanges or the trading volume in the market.