What Information Is Included on an Aromatherapy Essential Oils Chart?

An aromatherapy essential oils chart contains instructions about how to use various natural oils to treat a variety of medical conditions. The chart also explains what type of mood each oil is associated with creating.

An aromatherapy essential oils chart lists numerous oils, including lavender, peppermint, rose and tea tree. Find a specific oil and use the chart to learn about its scent and usage. The chart also notes whether to use the oil in a bath, during a massage or as an inhalant. Consult the chart to check any warnings regarding an oil's usage.

Lavender is listed on the aromatherapy essential oils chart as a floral-scented oil that creates a soothing mood. Add it to a bath or use it as a cream to treat dry skin and acne. There are no listed warnings for lavender.

The chart lists peppermint as a treatment for digestive disorders when used as an inhalant or aromatic. Add it to a bath or create a compression pack to treat sore, achy feet. This oil creates a refreshing mood, but avoid it during pregnancy.

The aromatherapy essential oils chart advises that rose oil should also be avoided during pregnancy. Its sweet, floral scent creates an uplifting mood. Use it as a massage oil or inhalant to treat menstrual pains or create a cream to relieve dry skin.