What Information Is Found on the Battery Conversion Chart?


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A battery conversion chart is a cross reference tool that provides the equivalent name for the same size and type of a battery across multiple brands and countries. A conversion chart also contains the International Electrotechnical Commission standard number for each battery.

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The Duracell battery conversion chart is a fairly typical example and is available at Duracell.com, under Technical Library, as of 2015. It includes alkaline, rechargeable batteries, photo, electronic and watch batteries in addition to security and medical.

Each group of battery types appears in a spreadsheet format, with Duracell batteries in the first left column and corresponding brands and countries in the following columns from left to right. Some of the brands and countries include Energizer, Ucar, Varta, Germany and Italy.

The selection of batteries for electronics is typically the largest, because manufacturers of digital cameras and devices often manufacturer a compatible battery. For each of the eight batteries Duracell features on its battery conversion chart under Photo, there are identical batteries from Kodak, Seiko, Sony and Rayovac.

Independent battery conversion charts often include a much wider variety of choices than a battery manufacturer's chart. For example, the Duracell chart only contains the eight watch batteries that it manufacturers.

The battery conversion chart at BatteriesInAFlash.com features nearly five times as many watch batteries and comparable types across roughly 16 brands in addition to the IEC standard number for each, as of 2015.

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