What Influences Fashion?

Some of the factors that influence fashion include the price of certain textiles, fabrics and materials, popular culture, subcultures and fashion stylists, according to The Wall Street Journal and Into The Fashion. Popular fashion across the world can make drastic changes due to certain popular culture phenomenons, or it can slowly evolve based on popularity of certain fabrics and trends over time.

Fashion trends can be affected by the current prices and price forecasts of certain materials. For instance, if the global price of silk begins to rise, fashion and clothing companies will want to use less silk in their clothing, and will instead start marketing different fabrics as "in" trends, which effectively changes fashion, according to The Wall Street Journal. Similarly, if bronze prices start to drop, more companies will use and market bronze buttons and accessories.

Fashion can also be greatly affected by popular cultures and sub cultures. An example of this is evident when the "Hunger Games" movies came out. The lead character in the movies wore her hair in a long braid, which quickly became a popular hairstyle among young women and girls. Furthermore, "punk" fashion trends from the 1990's grew out of a subculture that included music and a general rebellious mindset, which was reflected in the clothing.