How Do You Increase Your Facial Hair?

How Do You Increase Your Facial Hair?

Increase facial hair by stimulating its growth. This can be done by cleaning the skin, massaging the face, regularly exfoliating, drinking plenty of water and getting essential vitamins, such as B1, B6 and B12. Avoiding fast food can speed up the process as well.

Vitamins A, B, C and E speed up the rate of hair growth, so getting plenty of them can increase the amount of facial hair.

The dead skin cells and oil that accumulate on a face that has not been cleaned prevents small hairs from growing, but keeping the skin clean allows these hairs to grow more. This can be accomplished by simply washing the face in warm water every morning and evening with a mild facial cleanser.

Some lifestyle habits can also discourage facial hair growth. The nicotine found in cigarette smoke can hinder the body's ability to absorb the nutrients that are needed to grow hair. It can also decrease blood circulation, which restricts blood from reaching the hair follicles.

Ironically, stressing over the inability to grow facial hair can actually make the problem worse. Studies show that a beard grows a lot quicker when a person is relaxed. To help promote the growth of facial hair, finding ways to manage stress is paramount. Common ways to accomplish this are through yoga or meditation.