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Maintaining good personal hygiene helps protect against illnesses and infections and is also a protective factor against social rejection, says WebMD. Social rejection due to poor hygiene impacts self-esteem.

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Taking showers daily is an essential way to stave off odors and clean off dirt that has accumulated overnight or throughout the day. Most elementary children do not need to shower daily, says pediatrician Tanya Remer Altmann, with WebMD, but as puberty hits, teens need to shower on a daily basis.

Having good hygiene also means washing your hair often. Hair that is dirty can aggravate the skin or cause bad odors, which negatively impacts social interactions.

Using deodorants and skin lotions is an important part of personal grooming. Deodorants help keep bad odors away and give your body an attractive, clean smell. Lotions moisturize the skin and protect against uncomfortable cracking and dryness.

Doing laundry and wearing clean clothes is also a crucial part of maintaining good personal hygiene. Clothes that smell unclean suggest poor hygienic practices, which, again, has negative social consequences.

Other good personal hygiene practices include maintaining good oral health, shaving and promptly addressing medical issues as they arise. Untreated gynecological issues, for example, negatively impact personal hygiene.

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