How Do You Identify a Real Cartier Watch?

Cartier watches are made with high-quality materials throughout, including the sapphire lens, and should have a hefty weight and a smooth winding mechanism. Impostors may have glued on parts and misspellings on the logo or any written areas. Additionally, the serial number on a Cartier watch is engraved, while fakes are often missing it entirely or it's only lightly scratched into the surface.

Cartier watches are expensive luxury timepieces. Prized for their quality construction and excellent mechanisms, these watches have their fair share of impostors on the market. There are ways to confirm in a few minutes that a Cartier is the real thing.

Cartier watches are made from materials like gold, sterling silver, steel and even diamond. The watches have a nice heft to them when held in the hand. If the watch seems light for its size, it may not be made with the right materials. Another aspect to examine is the winding mechanism, which on a Cartier is incredibly smooth, quiet and accurate. If anything seems off when winding the watch, then it may not have a Cartier mechanism.

Cartier uses a special scratch-resistant and smudge-proof sapphire crystal lens on their watch faces. A lens that has scratches on it might indicate that this is a fake watch. Also, place a drop of water on the watch face. The water should bead up and roll off if it is smudge-proof. Avoid placing a lot of water on the watch or putting it in water, as it may not be water resistant.