How Do You Identify Items From the International Silver Co?

Identify items from the International Silver Company by identifying the marks on the bottom of the piece. Most marks contain a form of the name along with the name of the subsidiary company. For instance, items from the Derby Silver Company, part of the International Silver Company, are stamped with "Derby S.P. Co." in a semicircle with "International S. Co." stamped horizontally beneath it.

Other marks stamped with Barbour Silver Co., Holmes & Edwards Silver Co., Manhattan Silver Plate Co. or Rogers & Brothers identify an item from the International Silver Company. Some companies such as American Silver Company, Forbes Silver Company and Rogers Smith & Company are indirectly part of the International Silver Company, and their marks designate a piece produced by the latter. The Forbes Silver Company is part of Meriden Britannia Company and Meriden, which are subsidiaries of the International Silver Company. This company's mark is an eagle head around which reads "Forbes Silver Co." with Quadruple beneath it.

Pieces identified as items from the International Silver Company can also contain one of the company's many trademarks, often in conjunction with its name or the name of one of its subsidiaries. These trademarks include Albany Silver Plate, Inlaid, Supreme Silver Plate, Palladiant and Deep Silver.