How Do You Identify Fake Lacoste?


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Money Blue Book advises buyers to look carefully at the crocodile logo patch and its alignment along with the garment’s buttons and cloth material to spot fake Lacoste. Another dead giveaway is a ridiculously low price.

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A genuine Lacoste logo is a detailed crocodile with teeth, claws and scales. The embroidery can also indicate authenticity. On a men’s polo, the logo is embroidered onto a patch and then sewn onto the shirt. For women, it is attached directly to the shirt seamlessly, with no obviously exposed stitching. The crocodile is always located on the left-hand side of men’s shirts between the bottom stitching and second button. It is slightly above the bottom stitching for women.

Buttons should be precisely stitched vertically, with each slightly different from the other due to their being carved from genuine mother-of-pearl rather than being dyed. Finally, Lacoste garments are made of 100 percent soft cotton and are neatly threaded. There are no loose strings or stitching coming loose after a few initial washes.

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