How Do You Identify an Antique Wedding Band?

How Do You Identify an Antique Wedding Band?

An antique wedding band is mainly identified by original receipts and documented paperwork. A wedding band is only considered antique if it is more than 50 years old.

  1. Check documented paperwork

    Ask for documented paperwork and original receipts to identify an antique wedding ring. Such rings cost more than undocumented ones due to the account of written history.

  2. Ask for estimated or exact date

    Only buy an antique ring from a reputable dealer. Original receipts and documented paperwork are not always available for antique rings, but an estimated or exact date is mandatory when buying an antique ring.

  3. Get the ring independently appraised

    Get a reputable and independent third party to appraise the ring. Ensure that the ring has a 30-day return policy or more to give you time to have the ring appraised. A return policy is also important since antique rings cannot be re-sized. Have a third party witness the transaction when buying from an independent seller. Draw up a contract for a return policy. Verify a phone number and address for the seller.

  4. Look out for specific terms

    Look out for terms such as “antique-style ring," "antique-reproduction ring" and "antique-design ring." These terms indicate that the ring is a recent reproduction; such a ring is not truly antique.