What Are Some Ideas for Vagina Tattoos?


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With pubic hair as Jesus' beard, one idea for a vagina tattoo is his face in the pelvic area; adding an accessory, such as a sweat band, is an option. Another idea is a tattoo of the Piranha Plant from Super Mario Brothers inked on a woman's labia.

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Tattooing a doll figure, with the head of the doll meeting a person's navel and the doll's vagina aligning with the vagina of the woman receiving the tattoo, is another possibility. Some women opt for a butterfly tattoo, with the butterfly's wings located on a woman's labia. For a more mythical approach, women design dragons, warlocks, unicorns and fairies to decorate their genitals.

Other options include using animals as the central figure in the tattoo. Cats are often chosen, as are wolves. For a traditional approach, some women choose to ink tribal art and whimsical designs on their mons pubis

There are many reasons people desire vaginal tattoos. Typically, the choice is decorative, chosen to enhance the appearance of the genitals, imitate pubic hair and reflect a person's individuality. Other heavily tattooed people opt to have their vagina and anal region tattooed in order to complete the designs they have on the rest of their body. Another reason for such artwork is to indicate ownership within the BDSM community.

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