What Are Some Ideas for Using Old English Tattoo Lettering?


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Some ideas for using old English tattoo lettering include using large, capitalized letters to write a phrase across a man's chest, or using the old English font to tattoo any meaningful phrase or warning sign on any part of the body. Another tip for old English tattoo lettering is that it might be helpful to print the desired font in advance of drawing the tattoo, because old English font is difficult to freehand when drawing a tattoo.

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Many old English tattoo designs use additional embellishments to underscore or highlight certain letters. Used primarily on the first, capitalized letter of each word, these embellishments consist of a number of lines that curve at the edges. There are multiple types of old English fonts, so the artist must choose the font that best fits the project and the preferences of the recipient.

Other designs using the old English font intertwine a rope in between the letters. In addition, many old English tattoo designs embellish the font with red roses at either end of the word or phrase. Many times, old English tattoo designs use dark coloring for the font, so the lettering looks grand or imposing. Most writers used black ink or other black mediums to write in old English, so using a black color is true to the historical appearance of old English script.

Old English tattoos also stand out across the back or down the arm. Some tattoos using the font stand for strength or power, while others simply display a person's name.

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