What Are Some Ideas for Unique Ear Cuffs?


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Unique ear cuffs come in many designs, including loops, cascading chains, jewels and gems. A spiraling cuff with glittering jewels, such as diamonds or pearls, makes an elegant bride-worthy look, while a cuff with long chains of assorted lengths makes a bold, rock-ready look, notes Earlums.

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As with other jewelry, ear cuffs allow people to choose many ways to show individual style. For a modern and fun look, an Adele cuff or Aurora cuff wrap make good choices. These wraps have a long, golden spiral that runs the length of the ear. Attached to the spiral are tiny assorted gems and crystals. A longer piece protrudes from the gold piece in the mid-ear section, and features a double or triple loop of gold for a stunning effect.

People can also show affinity for their favorite animals with ear cuffs. Kitty cuffs, which are clip-on pieces with a long, delicate chain attached to tiny kitten molds, show an appreciation for a feline friend. Spider cuffs, which also have a clip-on design, have darker chains attached to spider molds.

For a daring look, cuffs with a chunky chain and two or three rings are a good choice. Dangling chains add another dimension to an edgy, alternative look, according to Earlums.

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