What Are Some Ideas for Tattoo Designs?

What Are Some Ideas for Tattoo Designs?

Ideas for tattoo designs include a dream catcher, a lotus flower, paw prints, tribal patterns, and the sun and moon. The wearer should choose a design that's meaningful to him, without letting anyone pressure him into a different choice.

The dream catcher is a symbol found in Native American culture. It is a filter with a web that catches a person's bad dreams, while allowing the good dreams to go through the web.

Many Eastern cultures use the lotus flower as a symbol. The meaning varies depending on the culture, but popular meanings include rebirth and triumph over difficult times. It can also symbolize a woman's sexuality.

The meaning of paw print tattoos varies depending on the person and the type of paw he selects. Dog paw prints are typically used to represent strength, while cat paw prints often represent a playful nature.

Tribal patterns represent a certain tribe. This type of tattoo is frequently chosen by people who have tribal ancestry or those who want to convey strength.

The sun and moon symbolize the balance between light and darkness. It is often chosen by those who believe they're in touch with the good and bad aspects of themselves.

The area that the wearer gets tattooed influences the tattoo design, as some designs require more space than others.