What Are Some Ideas for Short Hairstyles for Women?


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Short bobs, A-line cuts, pixie cuts and shags are some ideas for short haircuts for women. Asymmetrical cuts, pompadours, long bangs and lobs are other examples of short hairstyles.

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The bob is a classic style in which all hair is cut to the same length. Variations of the bob include undercutting the hair so it bumps under, adding bangs and including some layering. The bob can be blown dry straight or left wavy. Some stylists even add curls to bobs, especially those with layers.

The A-line cut is another variation of the bob. In this case, the back is cut shorter than the front. The hair comes forward in a sharp angle. The hair can even be cut especially high in the back for a stacked or wedge affect. The lob is a long bob, meaning it's left longer than chin-length.

Pixie cuts are very short and layered. Usually the hair is wispy at the bangs, around the ears and at the nape of the neck. Stylists typically leave volume at the crown.

An asymmetrical cut is often a variation of a pixie with one side left longer than the other. A pompadour is an exaggerated pixie in that stylists cut hair short at the sides and back but leave a lot of volume on the top. Hair is styled to make a big swoop up from the forehead.

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