What Are Some Ideas for Selling Gemstones?

Good ideas for selling gemstones include taking a gemology course online or on a campus, creating a business plan that covers selling methods, and contacting a dealer who supplies gemstones. Some sellers transact online or connect with buyers through online auction sites. Others put up physical stores or join craft fairs to sell gemstones.

Selling gemstones does not require an undergraduate degree, but it's essential to become thoroughly familiar with various types of stones to run a gemstone business successfully. Some gem trade organizations, such as the Gemological Institute of America, offer gemology courses online or in campuses.

After completing a gemology course and writing a business plan, the next step is choosing a dealer who supplies gemstones. It's a good idea to sell stones that are abundant locally. Sellers may polish and set the stones according to their preferences. Those who want to sell nonlocal stones can find dealers through gem trade associations and mineralogy clubs.

Sellers who want to make sales through brick-and-mortar stores may rent or buy business spaces. They should obtain business licenses and Tax Identification Numbers. Those who plan to sell online or at festivals may use their home addresses as their business addresses. To spread word about the gemstone business, it helps to create a website and provide brochures to target customers. When shipping gems, sellers should use padded boxes and envelopes.