What Are Some Ideas for Ocean-Themed Tattoo Art?

What Are Some Ideas for Ocean-Themed Tattoo Art?

Ideas for ocean-themed tattoo art include mermaids, octopuses, starfish and dolphins. Some tattoo artists can create colorful beach scenes with the ocean in the background.

Half woman and half fish, mermaid designs are one option for ocean-inspired tattoos. These tattoos give people the option of having a beautiful, sometimes half-naked woman tattooed on their skin. However, mermaid tattoos can also be cute cartoons, such as ones depicting Ariel from "The Little Mermaid."

Octopus tattoos can also be realistic or cartoonish. The octopus symbolizes rebirth because if its ability to regenerate lost limbs. Some artists like to do octopus tattoos in the old style so they look like sailor tattoos. Others like to depict realistic octopuses with their tentacles climbing up or around the wearer's body parts.

Starfish can also regenerate lost limbs, and they look like the nautical star popular in sailor-themed tattoos. Starfish tattoos can be smaller than octopus tattoos, making them good for first-time tattoos or sensitive areas such as the foot or ribs.

Dolphins are a popular tattoo design. The styles range from realistic to tribal. Dolphin tattoos can have symbolic meaning related to Celtic beliefs, Greek mythology and even Christianity. Artists can tattoo the dolphin alone or as part of an ocean scene.

Beach scenes with water, palm trees, flowers and a setting sun are popular ways for tattoo artists to showcase their color work. Beach scenes are larger tattoos, typically done as sleeves, back or rib pieces.