What Are Some Ideas for Natural Hairstyles for Black Women?


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Examples of natural hairstyles for black women include a small afro, finger curls and a half up do. Formal options include a pompadour and a mohawk.

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As of 2015, a common hairstyle for natural hair is the "teeny weeny afro." The stylist pulls a denman brush or comb through the hair before placing the strands in the desired position. Spray shine keeps the curls glossy. For longer hair, finger curls work well. Small sections of hair get curled around the finger for definition before getting sprayed with a sheen.

A hairstyle that shows off the natural volume of black hair is a half up do. For this style, the stylist pulls the sides back into a loose roll, pinning the hair in place. The rest of the hair is left loose. Alternatively, the stylist parts the hair in the middle and pulls the top and sides back, pinning the hair close to the head. The back is left loose with volume.

Another up do style is the pompadour. The sides get swept up and back, but tight to the head. The back is also swept up while the volume gets emphasized on the top. For a mohawk, the stylist braids the sides of the hair tight to the head, creating a tall crest of hair on top.

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