What Are Some Ideas for Hummingbird Tattoos?


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Some design ideas for hummingbird tattoos are having the hummingbird formed from curling lines instead of a more realistic representation and showing the hummingbird hovering over flowers. Another idea is to show the hummingbird flying out of a cage.

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What Are Some Ideas for Hummingbird Tattoos?
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Other examples of hummingbird tattoo design ideas include tribal-inspired tattoos, showing the hummingbird hovering around a figure and having a black and gray scene instead of full color. Mirrored hummingbirds may also be tattooed on places such as the chest, hips and back of shoulders. Some people have entire nature scenes with multiple hummingbirds tattooed in them.

Hummingbirds may be tattooed in many styles, such as old school, realistic, cartoon-like, new school and fantasy-inspired. The color scheme may be normal or vibrant. Smaller designs suit the wrist, neck, ankle, hand or foot. Large hummingbird scenes are better suited to the chest, arm, waist, thigh and lower leg.

The meaning of hummingbird tattoos varies according to different cultural perspectives. Native Americans have many legends about hummingbirds, and they are believed to be a symbol of love. The hummingbird is also deeply significant in Asian traditions. Typically, it is a symbol of perseverance, accomplishment, survival, joy, hope and beauty. Hummingbirds are popular tattoo choices due to their diverse meanings and their delicate appearance.

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