What Are Some Ideas for "his and Her" Bracelets?


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Ideas for his-and-hers bracelets include two bracelets that have a small charm on each one. The charms can be shaped like half of a heart. Each half of the heart can be engraved with the names of the couple or with a word that briefly explains that one person has the other's heart.

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Another idea is to create a code word or question that has very personal meaning and get it engraved onto a small metal plate that each person wears on a bracelet. His-and-hers bracelets can be a good way for a couple to show their commitment to one another. The choices for a specific style of bracelet depend on the couple's personal style and budget. Browse around online and look in specialty jewelry stores to get ideas or inspiration for bracelet designs. This also helps to get an idea of how much such bracelets may cost. For starters, Gullei.com offers a wide selection of his-and-hers bracelet choices.

It's probably a good idea to choose these types of bracelets as a couple instead of offering them as a gift. If they are being offered as a gift, however, be sure to keep a gift receipt just in case the person is not happy with the particular style or color choice.

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