What Are Some Ideas for Floral Tattoos?


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A variety of floral tattoo ideas, such as small pieces with bright colors, watercolor-inspired sleeves and expansive back pieces, are available online at GetTattoosIdeas.com, Tattoo-Models.net, Cuded.com and TattoosMe.com. Browsing these galleries can help you decide which floral design you prefer.

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The Get Tattoos Ideas website offers a gallery of over 100 floral tattoo ideas for men and women. Some tattoo examples from this gallery include several torso-length flowered vines, a variety of watercolor flowers with contrasting black details, and a masculine floral sleeve design. The Tattoo-Models, Cuded and Tattoos Me websites also provide photo galleries displaying over 200 floral tattoo designs, such as photorealistic flowers, abstract flowers with paint splatter and color-bleed effects, and black and white, line-based floral pieces.

The type of flower portrayed in a permanent tattoo can also be selected by the flower's meaning. The Richmond Tattoo Shops website offers a list of common flower tattoos and their historical meanings. For example, the hibiscus means "gentle" in Japanese culture, while the orchid has been associated with bravery and strength. Some flowers, such as the lotus flower (representing knowledge and enlightenment), have even deeper meanings and histories that those considering a floral tattoo can research before making a final decision.

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