What Are Some Ideas for Female Body Painting?


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Artists often paint fake clothing onto the female body, including corsets and swimsuits. Other options include painting the body as an animal, flag, cartoon character or musical instrument.

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One way body painting hit the mainstream was by artists painting clothing onto nude females. This can take the form of a full suit or dress. Some artists opt for tees, while others paint on sexy lingerie, such as corsets. Other ideas for body painting include covering nudity with unusual "clothing," such as a dollar bill, cartoon face and the American flag.

Sports Illustrated has tradition of painting swimsuits onto models for its annual swimsuit issue. Other artists have painted sports jerseys or just the team logo onto the female body.

Some artists look to transform the female body into something else entirely. For example, they paint an animal face on the body or animal print to transform the woman herself into the animal. Cheetahs and tigers are common because of their distinctive prints, though snakes are another option.

Many artists simply paint designs onto the body, such as flowers, watercolor prints and patterns. Every year at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, artists paint rock-and-roll themed images onto the female body. These include roses, hearts, scrolls and skulls. Mark Reid is a renowned artist who paints at Sturgis every year.

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