What Are Some Ideas for the Best Eyebrow Shape for Each Face Shape?

What Are Some Ideas for the Best Eyebrow Shape for Each Face Shape?

Well-groomed eyebrows are shaped on an individual basis in order to balance particular face shapes. This means that for rounder face types, angular eyebrows are best. In contrast, longer faces are best highlighted with brows that extend horizontally to counteract the vertical length of the face.

Rounder faces are best counteracted with high arched brows. Eyebrows with a higher, more angular arch can bring a more vertical focal point to the face, which also helps to slenderize round cheeks.

Heart-shaped faces look best with a low-arched, round brow. With this face shape, often times the eyes and forehead are already very prominent, so dramatic brows are not flattering. More natural looking eyebrows are best for this face shape.

Square faces are best highlighted with a thick eyebrow with a prominent arch to divert attention away from a strong jaw line. Darken more prominent eyebrows with makeup one shade darker than their natural color.

On faces with close-set eyes, eyebrows with a long arch drawing up and away from the eyes look best. An eyebrow pencil can be used to draw attention to arches and extend the ends of eyebrows. This face shape can look harsh with thin eyebrows, so be sure to avoid over-plucking and opt instead for a fuller, more natural-looking brow.

Alternatively, for faces with wide-set eyes, natural looking brows are best. Avoid trimming and instead keep eyebrows long and full. With this face shape, brows that are too sparse towards the center can end up bringing too much attention to the nose.