What Are Some Ideas for Crazy Hair Day?

What Are Some Ideas for Crazy Hair Day?

For crazy hair day, students can consider pom-pom pigtails, a mermaid-inspired look, braided ribbons, a mohawk or even a braided mask. Students may want to add color to make the hair even crazier. They should first check with the school's policy on dyed hair to ensure that regulations are followed.

Pom-pom pigtails may be the easiest crazy hair look to achieve. First, the hair should be dampened with curling spray or gel and allowed to air dry. Then, the hair is pulled up on either side of the head into two high pigtails. The "pom-pom" look comes when the pigtails are scrunched and deconstructed.

The mermaid look is also easy. The hair is first gathered up into a high ponytail, then bobby pins are used to make large, loose curls. Tendrils of hair are allowed to escape from the sides. Accents in this zany hairstyle include seaweed, small starfish and pieces of fishing net.

Braided ribbons and a braided mask both start with simple braids. To braid ribbons through the hair, simply place the ribbon on one of the three pieces of hair in the braid, then braid as normal. A braided hair mask involves intricate braiding and twisting, but can be accomplished with lots of bobby pins and hair spray.

A mohawk is easy to achieve with styling gel, hair spray and a large paddle brush. This helps the centerpiece of the style stand straight up.