What Are Some Ideas for Coloring Blond Hair?

What Are Some Ideas for Coloring Blond Hair?

Ideas for coloring blond hair include gold or copper lowlights, an ombre and a platinum blond color. While the best hair color varies depending on the person's skin tone and other features, natural blondes usually look good with a variety of lighter hair colors, making many shades of blond or brown an option.

Lowlights are strands of darker color added to hair. They draw attention to a person's skin tone and eye color. These tend to work well during the winter, as they look natural even if the face is pale. For blondes, gold and copper lowlights don't look too brassy and don't give pale complexions a washed-out appearance.

An ombre is darker hair roots, with a typical ombre being 3 to 5 inches of brunette hair at the roots, with the rest of the hair being blond. An ombre can be subtle, integrating naturally with the hair, or high-contrast, where the roots and the rest of the hair are very different in color. A subtle ombre works well for those with lighter complexions, while high-contrast ombres work well for those with darker skin.

A platinum blond color draws attention to the hair. This color hair works well with shorter haircuts, such as a shoulder-length bob.

Unless a person has experience coloring hair, it's best not to color hair at home. A professional hair stylist is able to choose the right colors and color the hair correctly.