What Are Some Ideas for Applying Brown Eye Shadow?


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Brown eye shadow can be used to create a smoky eye that complements blue, green, brown and hazel eyes. For best results, use several shades of brown shadow to accentuate the eyes.

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To create a smoky brown eye shadow look, start by priming the eyelid to ensure the longevity of the makeup look. Once the eyelid is primed, apply a soft brown eye shadow to the crease of the lid. Then go over the medium brown shade with a darker brown, concentrating on the outer edge of the crease. Next, take a shimmery brown shadow and swipe it over the outer part of the eyelid. Blend the brown tones with an eye shadow brush. For an extra smoky effect, take a bit of dark shadow and dab it under the lower lash line.

Once the brown shadow is sufficiently blended, it's time to use gold shadow and highlighters to complete the look. Tap a bit of bright gold shadow onto the inner corner of the eyelid. This should help to illuminate the eye. Then take a light shadow, like a soft taupe, and apply it to the brow bone. Finish the look with black pencil liner to the upper and lower lash lines and several coats of mascara.

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