What Is the Ideal Way to Trim and Shape a Goatee?


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To trim a goatee properly, it is a good a idea to start out by growing a fuller beard, and then trim and shape the goatee to the desired style. It is also important to have the right tools for the job, includingbeard trimmer, scissors, comb and a manual or electric electric razor. Beard grooming products can also help when growing a goatee.

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What Is the Ideal Way to Trim and Shape a Goatee?
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After growing a full beard, a desired goatee style is achieved easily.

Step 1

Comb the beard to straighten out any curled up hair. Set the beard trimmer to the desired length, and then start working on the beard with the trimmer.

Step 2

Remove the comb on the beard trimmer and make an outline of the desired goatee shape. It is a good idea to make the outline a bit wider than the actual desired shape then trim inward later on.

Step 3

Once defining the outline of the goatee clearly, start shaving the areas on the face that are to remain clean shaven. Shaving from the outline rather than into it will lessen the risk of shaving into the goatee. Using a clear shaving gel will make it easier to see the outline.

Step 4

Wash away any shaving gel and hair from the face and check if the goatee has been trimmed properly. Make adjustments as needed.

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