What Is Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal?

Ideal Image is a type of laser hair removal that uses an Alexandrite laser. The Alexandrite laser operates on a longer wavelength that is near infrared in frequency.

Ideal Image works within the standard technology of laser hair removal. Licensed medical professionals aim a concentrated beam of light at the hair. The pigment within the hair and follicle absorbs the light, damaging the follicle. This process retards the growth of hair. The procedure is not considered completely permanent. However, Ideal Image offers a lifetime membership for the area treated. These areas are guaranteed to remain hair free.

Alexandrite lasers are considered safe and effective for all skin types. However, Ideal Image offers multiple types of lasers to match to hair color. Since the laser's light is absorbed by the pigment, hair color is an important factor in choosing the type of laser. For darker skin and hair, the medical professionals employ the YAG laser. The YAG laser operates at a wavelength of 1064 nm.

The pain factor of laser hair removal depends on the recipient's pain tolerance. Some people compare the feel to a pinch, while others say it feels like a rubber band snapping against the skin. Some people state the feeling is both hot and pinching. Ideal Image prescribes numbing cream for people who are sensitive to pain.