What Are Some Iconic Clothes From the 1970s?


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High-waisted denim flares, button-down shirts and turtlenecks are among the defining fashions of the 1970s. Miniskirts, boots and Afghan coats were also very popular. 1970s fashion also includes disco style, including the iconic white suit that John Travolta made famous in "Saturday Night Fever."

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Farrah Fawcett's style during the 1970s has provided many an inspiration to designers trying to revive the look. Along with flared jeans, Fawcett wore Nike sneakers and was famously photographed in a swimsuit.

Menswear in the 1970s included leisure suits, often in pastel colors, which men paired with bold printed shirts. The late 1970s saw the birth of punk rock and the influence of designers such as Vivienne Westwood. Straight jeans and plaid trousers began to replace flared pants, and leather became more popular.

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