What Are Some Iconic 80s Clothes?

What Are Some Iconic 80s Clothes?

Iconic clothes from the 80s include oversized sweatshirts and jackets, leggings and white-washed jeans. Bright colors and bold patterns were popular for men and women alike in the 80s.

One important aspect of 80s fashion was the oversized top. During this decade, both men and women wore loose-fitting tops and outerwear. This included large sweatshirts and sweaters that sometimes hung off the shoulder as well as large blazers with shoulder pads and baggy wind breakers.

Fashionable 80s bottoms included white-washed jeans, sometimes folded over at the top, and leggings in all colors. Parachute pants were an iconic look during the 80s. These nylon pants were loose at the top and tighter around the ankles.

Bold patterns, such as geometric designs, were present on most items of clothing, from sweaters to pants. One iconic design was unicorn and heart prints in pinks and purples, especially on women's fair isle sweaters. From blue mascara to neon shoelaces, bright colors were another important aspect of iconic 80s clothing. Fluorescent day-glo shirts are one example of the use of bright colors.

Iconic 80s brands include Esprit, known for its preppy styles and popular shoulder bags, and Jordache, a company that made the first designer jeans.