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The initials HSBC stand for the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited; those companies were the original founding parties that merged to form the modern HSBC. The banking corporation is a very old one, having been founded by British interests, along with American and Indian corporate support, under the financial auspices of Thomas Sutherland working in the Far East in 1865, according to the HSBC website.

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The corporate logo of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation is a red hexagon adapted from the corporate flag used in the 19th century, which was inspired by the Scottish symbol of Saint Andrew's Cross. The modern logo was designed and put into use in the 1980s.

The corporate offices of the HSBC around the world are guarded by statuary lions in accordance with an old Chinese tradition. These lions double as unofficial symbols of the company's interests and are named Stephen and Stitt after historical members of the banking corporation. Each statue has eight coins embedded in its base for luck.

HSBC has offices throughout China, India and the United Kingdom. These offices function as the branch locations of a much larger and more diffuse financial chain involved in trading and loan brokerage throughout the developed and developing world in a number of different capacities.

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