What Is Hood Piercing Jewelry?


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Hood-piercing jewelry is body jewelry designed especially for being worn inside a hood piercing, a type of genital modification of the clitoral hood. Hood piercings generally use rings or curved barbell-type jewelry, as long dangling jewelry or plugs would be irritating to the genitals and potentially damaging.

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In a hood piercing, the loose skin covering the tip of the clitoris is pierced either perpendicular to the shaft of the clitoris (horizontal hood piercing) or parallel to it (vertical hood piercing or VCH). This skin is called the prepuce and is exactly analogous to the foreskin. The VCH piercing often takes J-shaped bars and barbells as jewelry, while the horizontal piercing uses rings and barbells. The shape of the jewelry is often used to provide sexual pleasure, as the jewelry rubs against the shaft of the wearer. It may also rub against the genitals of the wearer's partner depending upon anatomy, position and the design of the jewelry itself.

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