How Do You Hone a Straight Razor?

How Do You Hone a Straight Razor?

Honing a straight razor requires a specialized sharpening stone with a very fine grain. Using an improper stone can cause the razor to need a professional rehoning or ruin the blade entirely.

  1. Lay out the stone

    Set the stone in a rubber-footed holder, or lay it out on newspaper on a flat surface. Wet the surface of the stone thoroughly with water.

  2. Put the razor against the stone

    Open the razor, and hold the sharp edge of the blade at a right angle to the stone. Place the blade against the edge of the stone that is closest to you with the blade facing away.

  3. Hone the blade

    Press down gently, and slide the blade up the stone. When you reach the edge of the stone, turn the razor over and repeat the process with the other side of the blade.